I've used the Blobo game controller for various projects, and I wanted to make a driver for Python to easily be able to analyze the data. These drivers only work on Linux.

Opening the Bluetooth serial port in OS X Mavericks was impossible as Bluetooth settings have been severely limited. Whatever I did, the result was "pairing rejected". I ran into the same problem in Ubuntu 14.04 when using the GUI, but thankfully Linux comes with the rfcomm command. Full code and instructions are in this Github repository.

What's a Blobo anyway?

Blobo is a Bluetooth game controller made by a Finnish company Ball-IT. It contains 9DOF IMU sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) as well as a barometric pressure sensor for detecting squeezing. It has been discontinued, but you might find one if you look around. With a built-in Li-Ion battery and a Bluetooth connection it makes for a cool component for a variety of projects. Unfortunately Ball-IT hasn't released the source code for the driver. Thanks to Jussi Virkkala, the serial data structure is publicly available making hacking easy.