In the performance ‘Still-Life’, with Marie-Louise Andersson, we strive for a complex atmospheric experience where a string instrument, voice and costume contradict, unify and connect. The visual appearance is equally important to the sound characteristics, with the singer suspended in mid-air oating above the ground.

‘Still-Life’ could be interpreted as an investigation of a moment transforming into another dimension where gravity and time dissolves. Where a levitated black shape sings ghostly vocals interrupted by a droney string instrument. In an attempt to evoke a scenery between high pitch resonance and a repetitive, yet unsteady drone; a collision of nature’s law break down manifested in shapes and sounds.

Aesthetic inspiration was found in the decadent industrial mill ‘Mimerlaven’ and the re-ravaged forest in Västmanland. Moving in-between Wastelands, trapped in a time elapse where hidden disasters are evolving underneath the surface.

The end result is an eerie atmosphere without a clear direction. The prevailing element is balance and chaos, two sounds in dialogue, but without a clear-cut voice, or a certainty of what will happen next. An improvisation based on structure but driven by the nondeterministic nature of the voice and the instrument.